• Novagenix realizes both the website and the e-mail system with its own virtualized server systems without being dependent on the outside. All of our systems serve online 24/7 with uninterrupted power supply (100 kVA online UPS) and 305 kVA generator.

• Fiber optic cable has been laid up to the server room by Turk Telekom and the fiber internet box is installed to the server room. In this way, internet access is provided to serve as the top speed of Turk Telekom.

• Biometric (face recognition and fingerprint controlled) access is provided to controlled areas such as laboratories, server rooms and archives.

Mobirise Mobirise

• The electronic data obtained from the analysis devices are transferred to the servers with validated 3rd part applications on the computer systems and being done with automatically. Since the data transfer is performed by the computer (data on the analysis computer is validated with the server), it is worked with zero error.

• It takes only 1 minute for 100 pages to print with holes and/or staples, thanks to our multifunction printers. In addition, all outputs can be converted to pdf format at the same speed. All textual content that looks like a picture in the pdf document is turned into searchable text as requested by the Ministry of Health.

• Electronic records of all our projects are open to users at various levels of authority, and all data, including completed projects, can be quickly accessed at any time. When the sponsor requests the data of the project, due to the large size of the files, they are provided with access to the files (end-to-end encrypted) from our OwnCloud cloud server, which is established in accordance with the European Union GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), by means of encrypted connections provided to them instead of sending them by cargo.

• All data on servers are automatically backed up in two different locations in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly periods. Annual reserves are kept in the bank vault, and data loss is kept to the minimum as possible.

• Dual antivirus software which are updated daily and virtualized server systems with dual firewall used  for internet access and also for data security.

• When the temperature limits exceeds the defined limits, instant e-mail sent to the related units  by the wireless and central temperature-humidity measurement system.


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